Are you feeling blind sides by the recent tax value assessment that came out the first week of May?

Do not feel alone, we are here to help you navigate this increase in value done by each county. Here is what you need to know:

  • Any property owner who feels that their home was overvalued or incorrectly valued can protest it to their county.
  • You will need evidence of property characteristics of other homes in your neighborhood that determines your true value.
  • You should complete this by June 8th by filling in your appeal form and providing the evidence of other homes in your neighborhood.

Know Before you Appeal!

Talk with us before you decide to appeal or not!

We are providing comparable properties and characteristics analysis’s to our clients to help them understand the valuation and best way to appeal their property value.

From 2021-2023, the average home saw 33% increase in value in their home!

With an increase in property value comes an increase in taxes!

If you feel your property was incorrectly valued and appeal you could also lower your tax assessment.

While, appealing is not guaranteed that the county will agree with you it gives you the opportunity to have your value reviewed and lower your property taxes that will be due in 2024.

Call us today to help you understand your assessment!

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