Colorado Golf Club Real Estate after Q1 has started the year off with a bang!

The disparity between resale homes and new construction in Colorado Golf Club is the buzz for this first quarter. We are seeing on average that resale homes are starting about $900,000 less than a new construction. This is making resale homes much more attractive to new buyers entering the market in Colorado Golf Club, unless they have time to wait for the build or have certain requirements of the Home.

With that we have had one lot sale, most lots have been sold off and we have experienced an extreme amount of sales in the past couple of years, but with the developer lots all sold we will see a slow down in lot activity. Currently there are 3 lots for sale and the 1 that sold in the first quarter hit a 15 year high of $900,000 for the sale price, sitting on 3.3 Acres.

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